Why Reflection is Your Ally For Action

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We’ve all been through times where we feel stagnant and lacking both motivation and inspiration to move forward in our life or business. During these times we tend to push harder and attempt to use willpower or force to summon the inspiration or ambition we are looking for. I’m here today to encourage you to try something new instead.

When you are feeling stuck, stagnant, and completely uninspired try stopping and being kind to yourself. Stop trying to take action because you have to. Stop trying to make things work. Stop trying to will your way forward. Instead, rest, relax and reflect.

Reflect on how far you’ve come in your journey. Reflect on how much you have created in your life – those things, people, or experiences that used to be just a dream, desire, or hope that are now real and tangible. These reflections will conjure up deep gratitude that can move mountains and that is so much stronger than sheer willpower. Once you are in a grateful state of mind, you can see the possibilities around you and the direction of where you want to go in much clearer light. This clarity will allow you to take inspired action vs. forcing action.

I encourage you to get involved in a community of like-minded people who can celebrate your wins with you and help you when you are struggling. Community is so important because we need each other to uplift, support and recognize our gifts and talents. If you haven’t yet joined our Facebook Community – Surrender to Faith, I invite you to do so here. We’d love to support you on your entrepreneur journey!

“I open myself up to all the possibilities that are out there for me and my business. I believe I am in the driver’s seat of my life and I trust that when I make a decision for where I want to go, I will be led there – magically.”

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