How to Attract More Than Enough Clients

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One of my core messages to teach others is that there is more than enough to go around. My sun in Human Design is Gate 55 which is the Gate of Abundance – the idea that there is more than enough of everything for everyone. I like to think of it as if you are hosting a dinner party and run out of pasta, you don’t sit there and worry that your guests don’t have any more pasta to eat, you just make more pasta – 9 – 10 min later there is more than enough again.

To translate this idea into business, if you don’t have enough clients yet DON’T start worrying about not having enough clients because that ONLY attracts more of not having enough anything and you will feel it in ALL areas of your life. Instead, just trust that new and amazing clients are coming to you. Even better, trust they will be hand delivered magically to you. Doesn’t that sound better?

We have this idea that the more we push ourselves to do, the more we will create what we want. However, it is so opposite for most of us. Words like pushing, pressuring, forcing, trying, and demanding even have a negative feeling behind them – can you feel it? We deceive our inner guidance every day by choosing to stay out of the flow and move into the shoulds and must-dos because that is what is taught about business. Even if you don’t enjoy doing something you should or you must do it – you are an entrepreneur after all.

STOP! I’m here to tell you that if you would just breathe, relax, rest when you need to and TRUST then your business can easily become everything you’ve dreamed of. Have faith that your own wisdom, your own guidance system, your own feelings, will lead you on the path you so long for. You will be led to the strategies that work for you, to build the business that makes you feel so satisfied and successful, and to know everything you need will be provided for you.

I’ve been here many times and with each new transition, I’m faced with a similar challenge – do I push and try to make things work, or do I do what I can and relax and allow the magic to happen. What I teach is always what I need to hear or what I have personally experienced. I will rest when I need to, I will trust that all things are provided for me, and I will breathe easier knowing that I’ve done my part. And so it is!

“I open myself up to all the possibilities that are out there for me and my business. I believe I am in the driver’s seat of my life and I trust that when I make a decision for where I want to go, I will be led there – magically.”

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