Are you ready to create an endless stream of clients by doing 10 simple things per day?

Let’s face it, it’s really easy to get caught up in the latest advertising and marketing trends. If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on marketing with little to no results.

Now imagine getting all the clients you want and need, effortlessly.

Our Get Clients Workshop is a simple sales and marketing system, designed to help service based businesses overcome the most challenging issue in building a business:
landing new clients with a minimum of time and effort.

Our Step by Step Process


Personality & Strengths Assessment

We begin with a cutting edge personality and strengths assessment because when you know your strengths, you make better decisions, perform at your best, and feel more fulfilled.

Unlike other agree/disagree question assessments, our assessment uses brain games to uncover your natural talents and aptitudes.


Looking into the Future of Your Business

What’s a business without a vision? If you don’t know where you’re headed, then you’ll never get there!

Together, we’ll take a peek into the future to see raving clients, positive cash flow, and other elements that define a successful business. Having an end goal vision helps you gain clarity on where you truly want your business to go.


Creating a Business Vision to Get & Keep You Excited

Using the vision we tapped into in step 2, we will formulate a written vision script.

While running a business can be fun, it might not always be super easy. Reading your vision script keeps you motivated if you encounter hard times and flowing in the goodness when everything seems to be going your way!


Choosing Marketing Strategies That Feel Good & Match Your Strengths

If marketing hasn’t felt good in the past, chances are you’ve been doing it wrong! Following the trends or standard marketing strategies that many gurus teach is not for everyone.

We will work together to choose marketing strategies that feel good to you and match who you are.


Creating Your Custom 28 Day Marketing Plan - One That You're Excited to Implement

Getting new clients is about taking consistent daily action. Before you start complaining, these are the FEEL GOOD strategies and actions we chose in the previous step!

During our time together, we will create your custom 28-day plan. This plan matches your personality and unique skill set to help market your business and get more clients. We provide enough information, guidance, AND support to get you going on the right track.


Daily Coaching & Feedback to Keep You Focuses and Getting Results

We’ve come this far, and we won’t leave you out to dry! You will receive a support email every single day. Accountability will keep you focused and taking action throughout the 28-day plan.

You can reach out to us anytime you have questions via email, and we will also schedule a check-in call about halfway through your plan.



Let’s schedule a quick chat and you can experience first hand what sets us apart!