Decisiveness Creates Change

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We are all connected. We suffer because we choose to suffer because we believe we are not in control. We believe the “out there” decides for us. That is not true. We get to decide at every single moment.

Synchronicities line up when we are ready to accept them. We may have moments where they line up and we call it luck because again “out there” vs “inside us”. When we decide to create more synchronous steps that is when they show up in plethora. We are guided every step of the way if we choose to trust and surrender to our path.

Our purpose is ingrained in us. We get to choose HOW we live out that purpose but the purpose remains the same. If we are here to help others we may choose to be a doctor who helps people heal or we may choose to be a baker who helps others celebrate and come together – either way, we help others because it is our purpose.

My purpose on this earth is to inspire and guide – I can choose to do that as a stay at home mom who inspires my family to be the best they can be and guides them in the right direction to fulfill their purpose or I can choose to be a politician who inspires my city, state or country to think differently and guide them towards unity and community. Either way, I am living out my purpose by inspiring and guiding. See how that works. We get to choose how we live our purpose but the purpose always remains the same.

I haven’t yet decided how I want to live out my purpose but I know for a fact it is just a matter of me deciding. Decisiveness is the way to change. Once I make that decision, the steps will fall into place easily. This I know is true.

“I open myself up to all the possibilities that are out there for me and my business. I believe I am in the driver’s seat of my life and I trust that when I make a decision for where I want to go, I will be led there – magically.”

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