How to start a business when you don’t know what to do
Starting a business can be a daunting idea especially if you don't know what type of business you want to create. Luckily, we all have skills, gifts and talents that come naturally to us and these unique abilities can be used to start your business. I built Solten Marketing over 5 years ago with a simple idea that I wasn't even sure was going to work. I'll elaborate more on my business story at another time but I used our in-house COAST Goal System to begin the business. In this how-to, I'm going to introduce the COAST Goal System and explain how you can use it to start your business even if you don't have any business ideas. [+]
I hate networking! An introvert’s guide to networking & marketing.
Being an introvert usually means you are quiet and prefer to work in the background. However, owning your own business means you have to be front and center. Can you still market your business effectively as an introvert, if you simply can’t cold call, speak in public or create small talk in a room full of strangers? [+]