Decisiveness Creates Change

Path With Trees and Light

We are all connected. We suffer because we choose to suffer because we believe we are not in control. We believe the “out there” decides for us. That is not true. We get to decide at every single moment. Synchronicities line up when we are ready to accept them. We may have moments where they […]

Why Reflection is Your Ally For Action

A reflection

We’ve all been through times where we feel stagnant and lacking both motivation and inspiration to move forward in our life or business. During these times we tend to push harder and attempt to use willpower or force to summon the inspiration or ambition we are looking for. I’m here today to encourage you to […]

Overthinking Your Business or Feeling Indecisive? This is for you!

Portrait of attractive redhead young woman keeps index finger near corner of lips overthinks somethi

We’ve all faced a situation where we had to make a decision. My clients mostly come to me because they want to start a business but they don’t know how to do it. They want to follow their heart but their head is giving them all the logical reasons why it won’t work. Here’s the […]

How to Attract More Than Enough Clients


One of my core messages to teach others is that there is more than enough to go around. My sun in Human Design is Gate 55 which is the Gate of Abundance – the idea that there is more than enough of everything for everyone. I like to think of it as if you are […]