45 Service Businesses You Can Start During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit many of us hard and not just physically. Many of you are finding yourselves unemployed & worried about the future.

Rest assured, there are so many needs out there to be filled and now is the perfect time to start a business especially if you have been thinking about doing so. We’ve created a list of 45 service-based businesses you can start today from the comfort of your home. We are prioritizing a few of these businesses to highlight what we believe are going to be much needed services in the weeks to come.

1. Career Transition Coach

With so many people unemployed this is the perfect opportunity to help them make the transition into a new career.

2. Cover Letter & Resume Writer

Have a knack for writing? Know what employers are looking for on resumes? Start a cover letter/resume writing service to help others land the perfect job.

3. Resume Designer

Have a creative side? Take a bland resume and make it aesthetically pop.

4. Finance Coach

Help others create a budget to navigate during this trying time.

5. Homeschool Teacher

With so many children being taught virtually at the moment start an online classroom and make learning fun.

6. Online Tutor

Our children need academic help more than ever. If you have a gift for helping students learn then start a virtual tutoring company.

7. Health Coach

Stress eating is a thing! Start coaching others on how to be healthy during this hibernation season.

8. Weekly Meal Menu Planning

Families are on a budget right now. Create & sell weekly meal plans to help ease the burden of planning healthy meals daily.

9. Meditation Instructor

Meditation is LIFE! Teach others how to get in the zone so they can make better choices, feel calmer and ease their daily stress.

10. Relationship Coach

Quarantined with your other half? Enough said! Others will be in need of coaching on tips to ensure their relationship survives during and after this difficult time.

11. Parenting Coach

Coach parents on how to show up at their best during this time of uncertainty.  

Other Business Ideas to Start Today

Life Coach
Productivity Coach
Social Skills Coach
Mindset Coach
Proposal Writer
eBook Writer
Technical Writer
Proofreader or Editor
Website Designer
Graphic Designer
Branding Expert/Consultant
Social Media Manager
Social Media Graphic Designer
Email Marketing Manager
Sales Coach
Project Manager

Video Editor
Podcast Manager
Voice Over Artist
Virtual Assistant
Online Course Consultant
Online Course Creator
Online Researcher
Virtual Customer Support Specialist
Human Resources Consultant
Online Cooking Coach
Online Dance Teacher
Spiritual Coach
Virtual Home Stager
Virtual Music Teacher

45 Businesses to Start During Coronavirus Pandemic
Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods is an award-winning website developer with 20 years of graphic design & website design/development experience. While design is one of her passions, she enjoys teaching entrepreneurs how to get more clients using mindset techniques and principles.

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