How to start a business when you don’t know what to do

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Starting a business can be a daunting idea especially if you don’t know what type of business you want to create. Luckily, we all have skills, gifts and talents that come naturally to us and these unique abilities can be used to start your business. I built Solten Marketing over 5 years ago with a simple idea that I wasn’t even sure was going to work. I’ll elaborate more on my business story at another time but I used our inhouse COASTTM Goal System to begin the business. In this how-to, I’m going to introduce the COASTTM Goal System and explain how you can use it to start your business even if you don’t have any business ideas.

C is for Clarity

Until you see your goals with clarity, there is no way you can ever take the necessary steps to move forward with your dream to build your business. When I was struggling to figure out what I should be doing, I prayed and prayed hard! I asked God to direct my steps, to show me my path and to help spark ideas. I prayed that he would bring my unique gifts and talents to the front of my mind so when I did have ideas, I could easily incorporate them into my business. Over a 2 month period, I began to notice things I normally wouldn’t notice. I had ideas that I knew were being given to me divinely. I was excited to take action which is something I was missing in the months prior. Slowly but surely, my business vision was given to me and 5 years later I run a successful marketing firm.

O is for Openminded Belief

This, in essence, is faith. You have to trust that not only is the way going to be shown to you but you have to believe that you will be at the right place, at the right time and meet the right people when you need to. If you have openminded belief, you’re not worried about not having your business yet or it not happening fast enough. You will be focused on paying attention to the signs you see around you, the ideas you begin to have and the sparks of inspiration that magically show up.

A is for Anticipation

When you anticipate something is going to happen then you are expecting it to happen. You aren’t just sitting around waiting for it to happen or twiddling your thumbs wondering when it will happen. You are going to step into the role of a business owner, even if you don’t currently have a business. How do you do this? On your days off from work, pretend you are running a full business. What are the things you will be doing when you run that business? Start doing those things. If you are preparing to be a coach, then start clearing time on your schedule for coaching clients or take some coaching courses. If you are wanting to be an influencer, start researching different tools you might need to run your platforms and then get familiar with using those systems. These are just a few examples but my point is, get started and act as though your dream business is being built already – even if it is not.

S is for Storytime

Stop telling the same old stories and start stepping into your new identity as a business owner. Start speaking it into existence by declaring you own a successful business. Visualize yourself being a successful business owner. What does your perfect day look like? See yourself running a company, being a New York Times bestselling author or a successful blogger with 500K followers. Not a fan of visualizing? No problem! Scripting is another way to tell your new story. Write out your perfect day from morning to nighttime. Don’t spare any details and read it often. The more you change your story, the quicker you will achieve your goals.

T is for Thanks

Something I say often is there is someone out there right now who would kill to be living your life. There is so much to be grateful for and gratitude is the catalyst to business success or any success. Start by waking up every morning and saying Thank you for giving me a new day, thank you for my clothes, thank you for my family, thank you for my job or whatever you can think of. The more you give thanks the more doors will open for you.

Following our 5 step CoastTM Goal System will allow you to see your business with clarity. You’ll begin to see and hear inspiration from sources all around you and finally get your business up and running!

How to Start a Business with the right mindset
Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods is an award-winning website developer with 20 years of graphic design & website design/development experience. While design is one of her passions, she enjoys teaching entrepreneurs how to get more clients using mindset techniques and principles.

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