What to Know About Your Website Design’s User Experience (UX)

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The user experience that an app or website design offers to those who use it is crucial in its success. User experience is the totality of your target audience’s perceptions ranging from their first impression to their feelings after use. Thus, focusing on user experience (UX) is a must for any app maker or web designer.

Opinions differ widely on what user experience is all about. With so much information available online, some contradict each other and leave you lost in the woods. While the standards of UX may differ depending on your website or app’s function or purpose, you must not lose sight of the basics. Regardless of the app or website you are designing, here are six basic features you need to consider for a seamless UX:


1) UX involves understanding your website’s target audience

At its core, UX is about what a person feels before, during, after they have interacted with your system, be it a website or an app. Since the specific standards and appropriate UX depends on your app or website’s target audience, you need to research your intended user’s behavior. Among the things you have to know about your target users are their needs, abilities, limitations, values, and motivations. Then, you must connect those needs with your business goals and objectives in relation to your app or website.

Pose questions such as the following: What problems does your jogging app’s design address that other similar ones cannot? When you answer that question, you will find it easier to make your app stand out with a deep and comprehensive understanding of your target user’s behavior. You must also understand that a website that caters to senior citizens would have a different design and set of functionalities than a website that targets millennials. 


2) Excellent UX starts from website design planning

 It’s not enough to aim for “quality user interaction.” If you have already studied your target users’ behavior, the next thing to do is bring that UX into reality. Before you even start building your website, incorporate the principles of UX into your design in a way that is relevant to your users’ behavior and interests. At the same time, your UX should achieve your business objectives, such as to stand out from competitors. Including UX from the very beginning of your app or site design is sure to make a difference in ensuring a positive experience for your target users.


3) UX aims to simplify information and ease access for your target audience

Even if the specific execution of web or app design varies from industry to industry, your UX should meet your target users’ expectations and needs without hassle on their part. This principle builds on the first two: If you know your audience well and have come up with a design that fits their needs, simplifying the design of your app or site will come naturally. Any app or website, regardless of function, should infuse elegance and simplicity into the design to provide what their target users need and expect. Instead of fitting in every single feature that you want your app or website to have, you must learn to prioritize. By focusing on key features and objectives, you reduce clutter and streamline your design, reinforcing your users’ positive perception of your site or app. 


4) UX is keenness on details

Fonts, colors, layout, ease of navigation, and quality of content and operation are some of the focus areas to consider when designing an app or website. It is by these characteristics through which your target audience will assess you. Thus, you have to be sharp on every detail your web or app design entails. Each design element and their combinations must evoke the reactions and actions you want your users to have from interacting with your app or website. It’s important to remember that user preferences change over time, so you have to consider how your design can adapt when changes in your target demographic’s behavior occurs.


// Conclusion

User experience can make or break the success of your website app. To make sure you’re on the winning side, learn more about how you can offer your users a positive user experience, leaving them excited about coming back.

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Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods is an award winning website developer with over 25 years of graphic design & website design/development experience. While design is one of her passions, she enjoys teaching entrepreneurs how to get more clients using mindset techniques and principles.

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