How to Create Visually Appealing Content for Your Website – Our Guide

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Web design is important. If there’s one thing your web content should be, it’s appealing. Sure, your content or blog posts may be the soul of your website, but its technical aspects are the backbone.

The thing is, visual content outperforms text in virtually every situation. Chances are, the more visually appealing your content is, the more it will be read and the more it will be shared. As a result, users are more likely to take action on it. 

Now, the question is, what does it take to create visually appealing content? It’s easier said than done. But let’s explore this essential question and answer it in the following section.


Color Psychology

We bet you’ve heard of color psychology and how it’s used in marketing. It’s an essential component of business branding.

For instance, did you know that a green CTA button is more effective than a red CTA button, according to a test? In light of this, what color will you choose for your CTA? Of course, you’ll go with the more effective one which is green, right? This is how color psychology works.

It’s better to incorporate the most appropriate colors into your web design. As much as possible, consult the color wheel to see which colors complement each other and which ones don’t. Be highly critical in your choice of color. It will make a big difference on your website.



The use of shapes matters as well. In most cases, you will see simple squares incorporated in every web design. It’s true that using squares can streamline the appearance of your website. The design itself can be less distracting and more organized. However, you should go beyond the usual.

You can use other shapes such as curves, which can add some flair to your web design. This is a great way to keep your reader’s attention and to keep them scrolling. Squares can be dull and boring. Spruce up your web design with other shapes, but be very careful with the design elements.


Contrasting Colors

When it comes to web design, the use of contrasting colors is important. It can be tricky to play with colors. But if you know how to do so properly, it will make a big difference in your website’s overall design.

For instance, elements such as calls to action should always be used with contrasting color boxes. They should be bold so they won’t be overlooked. The same is true with the menus and categories. Their colors should stand out against the background and layout, even the white space. The goal is to ensure that they’re highlighted.


Images of People

Did you know that the brain can easily hone in on faces and interpret expressions? The brain considers faces to be a priority stimulus in every situation. That said, you can make use of faces in your web design.

People’s faces can create an emotional connection among your site’s users. But veer away from the dull and generic stock photography. Go for the hero shots or the images that help people visualize the benefits of what you’re offering by connecting emotionally with a “character.”


Combined Text and Imagery

Finally, don’t forget to combine text and imagery. Integrate these two in your web design. Why? It is said that infographics get shared three times more than any other content for two reasons. First, they present familiar data in new, compelling ways. Second, they’re fun to consume.

That said, strive to combine text and images so that each piece reinforces the other. Think short paragraphs, bold headers, and large, clear charts or graphs. They will make a difference in your website, and your business as a whole.

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Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods is an award winning website developer with over 25 years of graphic design & website design/development experience. While design is one of her passions, she enjoys teaching entrepreneurs how to get more clients using mindset techniques and principles.

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