Simple Web Design Tips to Improve Your Business Site’s Conversions

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There’s nothing that matters more than making a strong first impression at first glance when it comes to websites. This is because regardless of how quality the content is, a visitor only makes a split-second judgment about the design before deciding to either explore your content or bounce off to a different site. Statistics show that it takes exactly 50 milliseconds for viewers to judge your site on the go, and most of the opinion formed is rooted from the website’s design.  


On that note, web design is typically the first line of defense when it comes to influencing conversions, which ultimately makes or breaks the success of your site. On that note, research from Stanford University states that 46.1% of people think that web design is the top criteria for deciding whether the company is credible or not, while 38% are prompted to leave when the website looks unattractive. After all, the face of your website should reflect the tone, mood, and overall nature of your company, which is why it’s highly crucial to construct a design that enhances your brand.


To prompt a potential customer to perform desired actions such as making a purchase or service, the web design must be optimized. Besides, conversions are what powers up your business as, without it, you have no customers. To that end, here are simple web design tips that can not only spruce up the look of your branding but also beautify the state of your conversion rates in the process.


Tip #1: Ensure the Structure of your Website is Easy to Navigate

With only a small window of opportunity to hook your viewers, the best way to encourage a visitor to take action is by guiding them toward that action. This means that your website’s layout should flow logically and seamlessly, wherein each category is easily understandable, distinguishable, and easy to navigate. As mentioned, all it takes is a glance for people to make an impression, which makes it all the more important to build a website with clear directions to help viewers reach desired pages all within the fewest possible clicks.


Tip #2: Choose the Right Colors

Color is vital when it comes to marketing as according to a survey by Kissmetrics, 85% of consumers use color as the main reason for buying a product, while 52% are turned off from a website if the colors are not aesthetically pleasing to look at. For that reason, choosing the right hue to represent your brand is highly important as it can evoke the mood you want your customers to feel when they visit your site. 


Tip #3: Use Images or Videos to Boost Engagement

A picture can say a thousand words, and when it comes to websites, chances are it can do all the talking for you. On that note, choosing the appropriately sized, rich media files for your website can enhance your content as the visual stimulation is powerful enough to stir interest and boost engagement. 


Tip #4: Create Strong Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons determine whether a user is converted into a customer or not, which is why it’s crucial to design it in a way that is strong and draws attention. Studies show that CTA buttons that are red, orange, or green resulted in the highest conversation rates, though other methods can also be done such as using images to prompt directional cues. For instance, you can include a high-quality image that points to a page or CTA, serving as a visual nudge in the right direction.

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Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods is an award winning website developer with over 25 years of graphic design & website design/development experience. While design is one of her passions, she enjoys teaching entrepreneurs how to get more clients using mindset techniques and principles.

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