Stop “L” (Losing) & “W” (Win) More Sales – 3 Easy “L’s” to Eliminate Immediately

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Some places it is AWESOME to have an “L” but not for your Business!

To give you the best chance of landing more sales and not putting up another “L” in the loss column, we developed the 3 major “L’s” to help you convert more visitors to your website into winners! Meaning more sales and revenue to you the business owner.

The First “L” is Load Time:

You have approximately 3 seconds to capture that potential client’s attention if your website is slow to load, they are getting doubt and depending on how they were referred to you or found you they might of already left to search for the next person in your industry to work with.

(Know your hosting if you’re on a shared hosting like Godaddy ™ you may experience longer than necessary load times) A good place to see your load time quality is “SPEED TEST”  also another good tool is  “Your Google Page Speed Score” it is ranked 0 – 100 and it is suggested that a score of 85 or better is optimal

The Second “L” Is the Look of your Website:  

Does your website have easy to follow navigation?

Is the site cluttered?

Does the site just look old and neglected?

When was your website last updated? If you have a twitter feed or other social feeds displayed on your website when was your last social post showing?  Is it older than a few months?  Is your social feeds something you update regularly, it may be something you should take off your site or make a point to update more often.

If you’re not sure if your site is old and dated looking or functioning properly we’d love to do an evaluation for you. We normally charge $59.00 USD consultation fee but mention this post and use #WD59GetClients on your social feeds and we’ll waive the consultation fee.

The Third “L” is Lure:

Does your website content lure in your potential clients or is it the same whomp, whomp content that everyone in your industry uses? We like to use an example of 2 lawyers.

In our example let us say you’re looking for a Will.

Lawyer (A) Landing Page:

I graduated top of my class in 1983 and have a lot of experience in the Charlotte NC area on family law.

Lawyer (B) Landing Page:

You’re looking for a Will to protect your family and assets. I’ve been creating Wills in the Charlotte NC area now for many years. When you use my services we’ll even update your Will for FREE when your situation changes. Call me today or fill out this form below.

Which one of our Lawyers are you more likely to use when you’re in need of a Will? 

Your content should be geared to what your potential clients are searching for and lure them in by answering their questions and giving them an easy to follow Call to Action and Enticing Offers.

When I say enticing I am not saying give away your services for free or a huge discount I am saying make them value added.

In your offer, you should put down everything you plan on doing for your clients, even if to you some of the things are minimal and everyone in your industry does them. You never know that one thing that you have on your services that your competitors do not could be the deciding factor for your potential client.

The L’s Recap:

What “L’s” are you missing?  Don’t be shy, look at the websites of other people in your industry use the speed test on their site. Does their site look dated? What do they have that you think is a must-have for your website?

Don’t take their content verbatim, but it is ok to admire their work and retool it to fit your style and your business.

Now that you have the knowledge of the “L’s” you can turn the “L’s” to a “W” and start winning new sales and customers

John Walko

John Walko

John Walko is an award winning sales person. He prides himself on educating prospective clients and not having them feel pressured into the sale. He loves helping both business owners and sales people reach their business and life goals by truly investing in themselves. John enjoys facilitating the Get Clients Workshop because of the quality time he gets to spend with unique business owners. Watching them grow over the 28 days is such a rewarding experience. John sits on the board of the Rowan – Cabarrus Small Business Administration and is an Ambassador for BNI (Business Network International). He also serves as the Education coordinator for his local BNI chapter. With his free time John loves traveling with his wife Rachel and his 3 fun creative daughters.

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