Whether you’re a Dadpreneur or Mompreneur – Clients compared to Kids

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Clients compared to Kids

Are you a #Mompreneur or #Dadpreneur, you know what it is like to have children? When they’re young and full of energy you daydream of the time you can send them away to college. Oh, the joys of being an empty nester, being able to do what you want when you want. As they grow a little older and start finding their identity you don’t mind having them around. You can start watching the same movies, share more of your feelings and valuing their opinions and feedback. Then they are the ones getting the itch to go and you want to keep them close to you at home.

As a small business owner especially in a service based business, you start to have those same feelings for your clients. They become family and in our business model, they really do become part of the family. Our packages are geared with that in mind with our “Smarter Way to Pay” giving the business owner a time to pay for their website while building that relationship. As toddlers or new to our system it is a fun challenge trying to capture their vision and goals and creating a website that matches and exceeds their expectations. It is truly a hands-on experience.

After their website is developed watching them go off into the world trying different ways to market their business and giving them feedback and listening to them with their victories and failures. It is a great feeling helping a business grow not only online but in the real world as well. Seeing the confidence of the entrepreneur grow it is really like watching your children succeed.

Sending them off is just as hard as watching your children leave home. We’re blessed in a way that in our business model we do not have many people wanting to leave our web design 59 home but on occasion, we do have a few. It is hardest when the business is not blossoming like they wanted and are looking to move on back to the dreaded Monday-Friday 9 to 5 world.

You wish them well and say you always have a home with us.

How to deal with a bad client

Not all kids are good kids, some kids you do want to send to college right away. You know you’ve seen them at the playground or at friends and family gatherings. What do you do? Leave, no matter what stage of business you’re at. Go right now if you have a client that is demanding, not sharing or not taking care of their chores and responsibilities. You can boot them out of your home and the sooner the better. You do not want to have a bad seed in your garden it will multiply and spoil the rest of your family. We’ve been there at the beginning of our business we would sign up every and anybody that wanted a website. We would compromise our pricing and the way we did business.  They were also the ones that left when the next shiny object came around, so we could not count on their business to build a solid foundation. The best advice I can give on this is, believe in your gut opinion. If you get that bad feeling, turn off the lights and lock the door and act as if no one is home. No, but seriously in a professional way tell them that you don’t think you are a good fit and help them find some alternatives. We have a few design company friends that we share clients with all the time because who may be a bad fit for us is right in someone’s wheelhouse.

The takeaway

Value your family and clients. Build strong, trusting relationships that make having that relationship a true win/win for all involved. Remember when you get older your kids are the ones who are picking out the senior home and your clients are the ones paying for it so treat them both really well and you’ll live in luxury…

John Walko

John Walko

John Walko is an award winning sales person. He prides himself on educating prospective clients and not having them feel pressured into the sale. He loves helping both business owners and sales people reach their business and life goals by truly investing in themselves. John enjoys facilitating the Get Clients Workshop because of the quality time he gets to spend with unique business owners. Watching them grow over the 28 days is such a rewarding experience. John sits on the board of the Rowan – Cabarrus Small Business Administration and is an Ambassador for BNI (Business Network International). He also serves as the Education coordinator for his local BNI chapter. With his free time John loves traveling with his wife Rachel and his 3 fun creative daughters.

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