59-Step Process Website Design

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When we were just starting out we were asked why 59? We were at a blank to answer that question and I would just make up a story on the fly and try to quickly change the subject. Some difference 5 years make, now when someone asks me why the 59 I tell them it is our 59-step process to ensure your website not only looks great but it is secure and is a solid foundation for everything your business stands on.

A Brief Break Down of our 59-Step Process

Steps 1-11 is what we call the Onboarding process this is where we really get to know you and go over the scope of the project and create in our client relationship portal a great place to communicate with you and your team. We set up timelines and milestones to track the progress of the job.

Steps 12-14 This is where we get your domain name registered if not already and start creating your secure hosting on our server as well as getting your custom email addresses set up and ready to receive and send out great proposals and messages.

Steps 15-29 This is where we really dive into your business and create your perfect client avatar we want to create a website that looks fantastic but most importantly speaks to your ideal perfect clients in a way that they understand and want to take the next steps to move forward along your sales process.  Next, we research and analyze the best color schemes and fonts to use for your website. We’d all love to use our favorite colors but sometimes your favorite color does not transition well with the message you are trying to portray. Fonts is another place where business owners miss the boat since the chosen font is either too small or big or too fancy for their perfect client and makes the UX (User Experience) not as smooth as it should be.

Steps 30-37 Content and navigation is next. Staying on the UX of the site, we make sure the content layout and the navigation of your website is seamless to your perfect clients.  They should not be guessing or searching where to go next to continue the sales or getting to know you process. Poor site navigation is one of the biggest factors of bounce rate (people leaving your website) just because they do not have a clear path to follow and they get frustrated.

Steps 38-46 We call this phase of our 59-step process bringing life to your website this is where we incorporate your content and color schemes along with finding the right images that help tell your story clearly and with the right emotion. We almost have another 59-step process just on how we find the right imagery to display on your website. We’ve seen so many websites tell a great story and be right on with almost everything but their imagery is just too distracting or does not help continue the story or message you are trying to tell.

Steps 46-58 The build. This is where we take all of our research and the content and make the website a real thing. Communication, of course, is key and during this whole process, we communicate along the way getting your feedback and approval. At this stage, we are 99% done but with every living thing there are going to be changes and updates that we will continue to make until everyone involved in the project is 100% satisfied.

Step 59 We use two analogies here. First, your website ages like a dog because of technology changes, site preference changes and Google algorithm changes. This is why we designed our packages the way we did so you do not have to worry about any website changes – we do and we keep your website secure and fresh. The 2nd analogy is your website is like a baby and it needs constant nurturing in order for it to grow and get ranked high on search engines. As a part of your team, you can rely on us as a springboard to bounce your ideas across and trust that we will implement them the proper way on your website.

Now when someone asks me why the 59, I can easily say it is our 59-step process that helps ensure you have the greatest website with affordable monthly payments. Find out for yourself how our Charlotte web design company can help your business achieve online success.

John Walko

John Walko

John Walko is an award winning sales person. He prides himself on educating prospective clients and not having them feel pressured into the sale. He loves helping both business owners and sales people reach their business and life goals by truly investing in themselves. John enjoys facilitating the Get Clients Workshop because of the quality time he gets to spend with unique business owners. Watching them grow over the 28 days is such a rewarding experience. John sits on the board of the Rowan – Cabarrus Small Business Administration and is an Ambassador for BNI (Business Network International). He also serves as the Education coordinator for his local BNI chapter. With his free time John loves traveling with his wife Rachel and his 3 fun creative daughters.

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