6 Questions to Help Raise Your Confidence

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Summer is quickly approaching and that means its beach body season. So many people are going to the gym twice a day just so they can look good in their new bathing suits. Paying personal trainers hundreds of dollars and paying even more for diet plans that work great when you are on them but two weeks after you stop you bloom right back up to your original weight and beyond.

Most of the time they don’t need a costly makeover, they need confidence! They already look good, they just need the confidence to know it. Most likely if you’re reading this you are a small to midsize business owner looking for ways to grow your business and the truth is, all you need is confidence. As small business owners ourselves this was a valuable lesson we learned, it is all about confidence.

If your Facebook, Instagram and other social feeds are anything like ours, you see tons of ways to improve your ROI (Return on Investment). One example is: We’ll show you how to convert more business from your social media by creating amazing post and as a bonus: IT IS ALL FREE. The funny part is, they use paid ads to even get their post on your feed. Most of these ads that you see are just ways to capture you as a lead so they can upsell you on other gimmicky ways to promote your business.

Below are 6 questions you can ask yourself today to help improve your confidence and help your business succeed.


Find a quiet spot and take a few deep breaths. Next, answer these 6 questions below honestly.

1) Who knows your business more than you?

2) When you talk about your business, what is your body language?

3) How do you talk about your business to friends and family vs potential clients?

4) Think of the best client you currently have. How did you land them?

5) Think of your dream client (we call them “perfect clients”). How will you land them?

6) Do you boldly hand out marketing material and your website URL knowing it sells you?

Now that these things are fresh in your mind, how did you do? Bet you didn’t think you’d be graded!

1) If you answered no one give yourself 20 points. If there is someone, are they already a trusted mentor? If yes, give yourself 20. If you thought of others and they are not mentors, give yourself 0 points. This is now a great opportunity to reach out to them and seek their knowledge. It only makes the both of you better at what you’re already doing.

2) If you portray confident body language give yourself 20 points. If you’re not sure but think you do, give yourself 10 points and at your next opportunity really evaluate yourself. If you know you need to work on body language, give yourself 10 points for being honest.

3) If you talk highly about your business to family and clients give yourself 20 points. If you tend to talk down about your business to family but highly to clients 0 points. Y¬¬¬ou need to be consistent and proud of your business and accomplishments.

4) Did you pursue your best client? Did they find your website and love it? If you initiated it or your marketing efforts sold them, give yourself 20 points. If they just landed on your lap then give yourself 20 points – this also means you’re doing something right!

5) Any ideas you answered/wrote down here are perfect. The most important thing is you’re going to be confident and ask them for the business! Right?! Zero-point question but sales are better than points!

6) I hope this is a yes and if so give yourself 20 points. If no, zero points but I know a great Charlotte NC website & marketing company that would love to help you. I have to practice what I preach!

Now total up your points. If you scored 100% great job you’re on the right path! Stay confident, keep yourself focused and you’ll do just fine.
Anything below a 100% is just a good look in the mirror and a reminder it is the little things that can hold you back. Stand tall, look them in the eye, while knowing in the back of your head you are the best at what you do and they need you! So, go out and get ‘em.

John Walko

John Walko

John Walko is an award winning sales person. He prides himself on educating prospective clients and not having them feel pressured into the sale. He loves helping both business owners and sales people reach their business and life goals by truly investing in themselves. John enjoys facilitating the Get Clients Workshop because of the quality time he gets to spend with unique business owners. Watching them grow over the 28 days is such a rewarding experience. John sits on the board of the Rowan – Cabarrus Small Business Administration and is an Ambassador for BNI (Business Network International). He also serves as the Education coordinator for his local BNI chapter. With his free time John loves traveling with his wife Rachel and his 3 fun creative daughters.

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